Influence Maps

First part of a Temenos lab is the sharing of our individual biographies. We focus on influences which shaped us, share stories of people and events which have made us who and how we are today.

Temenos Flow Elements

  1. Influence Maps
  2. Clean Slate
  3. Personal Vision
  4. Hero Feedback


First we take time individually for reflection and visualisation. Drawing our story adds depth to our reflection. We use different areas of our brain when drawing. And the drawing helps the narrator and the listeners to focus when we share our stories.

Abstrakte Influence Map
Abstrakte Influence Map
Konkrete Influence Map
Konkrete Influence Map

Influence Maps can be abstract or specific – there is no way to do this wrong. If you want to express yourself differently, you may of course do that – we have experienced very impactful stories that were supported by a blank piece of paper.

Influence Maps open the space for story telling. Compassionate listening creates safety and trust. Empathy with the others’ challenges creates resonance. We discover ourselves in each other’s storys: Everybody’s Influence Map is everybody’s Influence Map. Masks and prejudices melt away, we dare to show ourselves and communicate eye-to-eye.

Next part of the Temenos lab is Clean Slate.

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